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The Lake was Full of Rodeo Clowns and Bucking Broncos

Growing up, the Labor Day holiday weekend was essentially the final hurrah of the sailing season. I always met this occasion with a mixed bag of feelings — happiness at seeing my lake friends and sailing on Valhalla, but melancholy always lingered nearby. I knew that many months would pass before summertime gusts would, once … Continue reading “The Lake was Full of Rodeo Clowns and Bucking Broncos”

Healing Through Action

We arrived at Sunny’s slip, later in the day, to go for a short afternoon sail. We’re fortunate in that we only live about an hour’s drive from the lake, so this affords us the opportunity to make, relatively speaking, quick trips to get some sailing into our day. It’s really a treat to be … Continue reading “Healing Through Action”

Dancing with Water

I love how present sailing makes me feel. Anything else on my mind — whether it be the list of things I need to do, the things that worry me — it all seems to cascade away without me even realizing that’s what’s happening. It’s not that I’m consciously, mentally abandoning other parts of my … Continue reading “Dancing with Water”

SV Sunflower aka ‘Sunny’